Happy Hour Sad

By Mo Macsai-Goren

OMAHA – Weeping softly into his third White Russian just before the clock struck 4:30, happy hour regular and self-employed local theatre critic Jamie Werty took part in what some are now calling the saddest happy hour of all time. Fresh off of his stint as the only audience member for Cleveland Middle School’s autumn matinee of Shrek: The Musical, Werty headed to his favorite spot in town to down over a quart of heavy cream mixed with vodka and Kahlua in complete silence. Chili’s bartender Aaron Dean attempted to speak to Werty about his job, family life, and every decision that led him to him being the only patron in a Chili’s located in a strip mall in the middle of the day. Fellow waitstaff gathered to watch Werty laugh too loudly at the Mike & Molly reruns playing on every TV at the bar as a single tear made its way down his cheek. They couldn’t ask him to leave. He was finally happy. He was finally home.