Stranger Things Season 3 Just a Compilation of One Second From Every Spielberg Movie

HOLLYWOOD – The Duffer Brothers left longtime Stranger Things fans mildly surprised after revealing new details about the show following last night’s season three release.

The writer-director duo responsible for the Netflix original series surprised essentially no one as they unveiled that every shot from season three was taken directly from Spielberg’s work.

“His work is so nostalgic,” Matt Duffer explained. “As we wrote this season, we realized that every single thing we wanted to put on film had already been done like, 30 years ago. Why do it again?”

While Matt Duffer focused on reassuring fans that season three will live up to to they hype, Ross Duffer spilled details about the new season.

“We did whatever we wanted,” Matt Duffer cackled. “After Sean Astin was so well-received last season, we decided to just throw as many 80s icons into this next season as possible. You bet your ass that Molly Ringwald is in it.”

Although unconfirmed, leaked screenshots from the premiere surfaced on last week featuring Ringwald, Matthew Broderick, and ALF alongside the cast who are now somehow older than you.