Raggedy Ann Loses Inheritance To Sister Put-Together Ann

By David Colton

DAVENPORT, IA—Annabelle B. Raggedy was greeted with a barrage of camera flashes as she made her way through the small crowd gathered outside the Scott County Courthouse.

The famed stuffed-doll-turned-entrepreneur has spent the last six years in a devastating legal battle with none other than her younger sister, Andrea Burroughs — better known as Put-Together Ann.

In 2012, the pair lost their father, Don Raggedy, to stitching complications. His will was a complicated affair, considering his multiple relationships with different women and stuffed decorations.

Things turned sour quickly, as Andrea unleashed what Raggedy Ann called “The culmination of years of feeling inadequate.”

“She thinks she’s entitled to everything,” said Raggedy Ann, whose limp figure was being gnawed at by a small dog. “Ever since she changed her last name and started watching Joel Osteen, things just haven’t been the same.”

For Andrea, the legal battle has been somewhat of a dream come true.

“In terms of legal expenses, we knew we just had to wait her out,” said Burroughs, who made the majority of her profit from an app that tags and displays homeless people in the area, so they can be avoided.

“We knew there was just no way she could keep coasting off of that initial burst of revenue from the 1915 launch,” Burroughs said.

Now, Raggedy Ann is finally fulfilling the destiny of her well-known moniker.

“I’ve lost… everything.”

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