Busker Giving Away Guitar Case Full of Money, Apparently

By David Colton

UNION SQUARE — Some charity work is just too good-natured to believe.

Among the hustle and bustle of Union Square Monday morning, a man leaned stoically against the wall outside of Duane Reade.

The flannel-clad man had a guitar slung around his shoulder and strummed it softly as he crooned a slightly incorrect rendition of “Closing Time.” But that was only half of his gesture.

In front of him lay an open guitar case littered with dollar bills — a gift with grassroots support. Presumably, the charitable act is like a quest of sorts, with the $12-18 as the crown prize.

“Dude, this guy sounds just like Dan Wilson,” said Daxon Bringham, a passerby who apparently knows all of the members of Semisonic by name.

It appears that the mysterious philanthropist is taking some sort of phone call — perhaps to discuss further charitable endeavors on the streets of New York.

It’s almost 5, which means this guitar case has probably been sitting here untouched basically all day, gathering dust.

I think I’d better take it off his hands so that he doesn’t go home feeling guilty at the end of the day that nobody accepted his charity.

Oh boy, maybe I’ll go to the movies!

What a kind man.

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