Guy Almost Starts Thinking About Writing Pilot

By David Colton

ECHO PARK — As the clock struck 12:30 p.m., Philip Garsh completed his fifth hour sitting in front of his laptop at the dining room table.

Initially, he didn’t know how he wanted to spend his day — only that he was searching for fulfillment in some way or another. 

Fulfillment that has become increasingly scarce for many people in recent weeks.

Philip has explored many options — he did a 100-piece puzzle and baked a piece of rancid bread just last week.

“I can feel like this incredibly genius idea on the tip of my tongue,” said Philip Garsh, a 23-year-old servant at WME. 

“Like, what if there was a version of ‘Friends’ where God adds the main character as a friend on Facebook or something?”

After being informed that ‘God Friended Me’ premiered just last year, Philip returned to his bedroom and resumed his free trial of the Aaron Sorkin Masterclass on screenwriting.

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