Man Interrupts Woman To Deny Interrupting Woman

By David Colton

ST. LOUIS– Dillon Cox dropped the cold, hard truth on his girlfriend Skye Monday afternoon when he stopped her critique of his social tendencies mid-sentence to shut down whatever she was about to say.

“I would never cut you off,” Dillon said, “I’m so sick of you making this all about you.”

This comes at a time when Dillon has not been wrong about anything in his entire life, especially when it comes to the ladies.

The fight initially began when Skye asked Dillon to put his plate in the dishwasher and he stopped her short, responding “What is up with you and wet ceramics?”

When asked, Skye said months of vague text fights led up to this moment.

“I just sort of looked at where this relationship was at and decided I wasn’t going to let him dictate my ceramic capabilities, no matter how right he constantly is.”

Skye admits that Dillon does, in fact, have a louder voice than she does, and said they have tested this many times in various settings.

She also said that Dillon is a good guy, and just needs a little help getting back on his feet.

“Men are so under attack these days. It almost makes me not want to have sons,” Dillon said unprompted.