Farewell, Aux Cord: A Eulogy


By Nick Rainey


Dear friend,

You will be forever remembered as a beautiful memory of joyous occasions. You brought us times of great unity, times of great achievement, as well as many times of comfort for us. Times where you could share your wonderful music taste with your friends on your way to various destinations, from trips to school to parties, and of course those times where you absolutely jammed your way to the grocery store. You’ve amassed a following, where a generation has depicted such momentous occasions in beautifully funny memes. Such can be explained in the situation:

When you’re bumping fire and your friend says, “Hey, what song is that?” and your reaction is depicted by this comical Russell Westbrook Picture:








Yes, with the highs, there were the few lows. We all experienced the times of trash being played by a friend and causing us to casually throw them out of a speeding car or responding with the ever so relevant Kodak Black reaction.

c1408561ee19aa5453f8eb5fa098139d.jpgWe’ve stayed with you through it all, even the transition to Bluetooth connecting. We don’t want to point blame for your downfall, but we are grateful for the time shared with you. May you find the peace that we have found utilizing your great power.


Farewell, dear friend, you will be missed.